Go viral with auto likes and followers on Instagram!

Success With Auto Likes & Followers On Instagram

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Between creating high-quality content, and working to improve the quality of your brand’s services, it can be hard to find the time to focus on building your Instagram following from the ground up.


Add to that the challenges of social media algorithms and the level of competition out there, and  it can seem downright overwhelming to create an organic audience on Instagram.


No matter what your needs are, you can find success with auto likes and followers on Instagram. It’s simpler than ever to get started and there’s absolutely no stress involved!


Auto likes and followers on Instagram


How To Get Started


How to go viral with a new Instagram account


Before you begin investing in auto likes and followers on Instagram, it’s important to ensure that your profile is set up properly and that you have a foundation of high-quality content to encourage organic traffic.


Your posts should reflect and express the value that you can bring to any new incoming followers. After all, they are investing their time and confidence in your content when they hit that ‘follow’ button, so be sure to make it worth their effort!


The first thing to ensure you have properly set up is your basic Instagram profile. This includes your profile picture, Instagram bio, Story highlights icons, and choosing the most important link you want to share in your bio.


With a strong profile, incoming users will immediately be able to determine what your brand mission is, what value you can bring to them, and the first step of action that they can take in order to receive your services or contact you if needed.


Picking Your Profile Pic


When choosing a profile picture, you first need to decide whether you want your brand to stand on its own as a conceptual entity, or whether you want to take a more personal spin on things. If your brand profile is meant to represent your brand in its entirety, then choosing a profile image that includes your brand’s logo is ideal. Hopefully your brand logo is already bold and eye-catching, if not, spruce it up with brand colors and make sure to have it properly centered.


If you’re running an account for a personal brand, or if your company wants to put a more human spin on things, it’s ok to use a photo of yourself or a brand rep as your profile image. Just make sure to smile for the camera!


The Best Instagram Bio


For your Instagram bio, you’re going to want to focus on three elements:


  1. Your brand name and/or purpose
  2. A quick sentence that expresses your brand’s mission or purpose
  3. A link that funnels users to your website, YouTube channel, or shop

The first line is always dedicated to your name, and as such this will be the line that accompanies your username when users search for you on the Explore tab. It will also be bolded on your Instagram bio, so take advantage of this valuable digital real-estate!


Try not to repeat the content found in your username. If your username is already your brand name, use this line to include your brand motto or catchphrase. You can also use it to summarize your niche, for example if your brand is a vegan cooking show, your byline could be something along the lines of “Vegan recipes for your busy life!”. Get creative and don’t be afraid to share your unique voice.


Put Your Best Content Forward


Finally, choose the right link to share. If you have more than one, feel free to use a tool like LinkTree or LinkIn.Bio to include multiple redirects for your followers to choose from. This will ensure that your resources are getting the most exposure!


Don’t neglect your Story highlights! These are the little circles that appear below your bio and store any highlights that you choose from your Instagram stories.


Creating different sections for customer FAQs, behind the scenes highlights, and tutorials is a great way to ensure that your best content is being seen first.


It’s also a great way to save your customers some valuable time when trying to find answers about what type of tools you use, where you source your materials, or how they can get started with your services. Choose Story covers for each highlight section that work with your brand color scheme, or pick the most eye-catching photo that represents the content within.


Getting Started With Auto Likes And Followers


Now that you’ve set up your Instagram profile for success, it’s time to invest in auto likes and followers on Instagram. Start small, and invest in as many likes and followers as you need to take your content to the next level before you go all-in. This means creating a natural appearance of growth in order to encourage organic engagement. Once you’re able to build a strong foundation of high quality content, a loyal following, and posts with amazing levels of engagement, you'll be one step closer to reaching your goals!


Reach Your Social Media Goals


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