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11 Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers

Terri P

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, and as it has undergone many changes and updates since its inception, it has managed to remain highly influential.

If you have a small business, long to be an influencer, or intend to create a platform to share yourself and your interests with others, Instagram is likely one of the most important platforms to be present on.

If you want to learn
how to get more followers on Instagram, you’re in the right place. This article will cover 11 ways that you can build and maintain a successful presence on Instagram. 

11 ways to gain more instagram followers

 Use Hashtags

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Hashtags have played a large role in Instagram’s algorithm since the beginning of the platform. Using the right hashtags will help you find a wider reach for your content, will assist you in ranking higher in searches, and will of course in the long run get your content in front of more people and result in a larger following.

A great hack for finding the best way to use hashtags is to check the posts of other, large accounts in your niche and see which hashtags they might be using to expand their reach and how you can end up in the same search results.

A combination of highly used, popular hashtags and more niche, uncrowded hashtags is the sweet spot to ensure your content has the highest chance of being seen.

Lastly, if you have your own brand or public identity, creating your own personal hashtag to add to all of your posts is a great way to further solidify your brand and presence on Instagram.

Curate Your Profile Grid

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Instagram is a platform that runs off of aesthetics. Being so image-based, it is important to make the most of this element. When a potential follower or customer comes to your page, they want to see a grid that is well managed, aesthetically pleasing, and that most of all, reflects what your account is about.

If you are a Bookstagrammer, gorgeous layouts with books and bookish accessories will draw book lovers in. If you are a travel influencer, your followers will want to see alluring photos of the places you have traveled to.

Be sure to put time and effort into the face of your account, because it is often those moments of scrolling your account grid that will cause someone to follow you or move on to something else. 

Create A Call To Action

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Building an audience on Instagram is largely about interaction and convincing your audience to engage with your content. One way to do this is by including a call to action in your captions, stories, lives, or even comments.

You can ask your followers to tag their friends as part of a give away or as a “who can relate?” post, or you can ask for shares of your content as a way to keep your account and that of your followers active.

There are many other ways to bring people in to connect with your content, but by doing things like reaching out to them, setting deadlines, and offering chances for discussion, you’re sure to get engaged followers interacting with your content. 

Optimize Your Captions

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While Instagram is an image-forward platform, your caption is also important when trying to build your platform on the app. When writing your captions, you will want to put the most eye-grabbing or important information that you can at the beginning.

It can be easy for people to scroll past your content without even seeing your captions, so this is a simple and effective way of avoiding that. Incorporating hashtags throughout your captions instead of at the end is also a good way to break up the caption in a way that makes it more visually appealing and less scammy. Adding emojis will also help to catch your reader’s eyes. 


Yet another way to spice up your captions is similar to the calls to action, such as by shouting out relevant influencers or members of your community, or by asking questions of your followers to encourage them to engage directly with your content. 

Host Contests and Giveaways

how to host a giveaway on instagram


One of the best ways to bring people to your page and to see your engagement rise is by offering contests or giveaways to followers.

Some questions to ask yourself when planning a giveaway are:


  • What can I offer the giveaway winner? A shout out on your page, something that you sell, etc.

  • What do I hope to achieve through this giveaway? Are you hoping to gain followers, attract new customers, gain more reach, etc. 


Then you will need to do the following:


  • Set the rules: What do they need to do to enter the giveaway? Follow you, like and share a specific post, comment on your post, tag friends, use a specific hashtag, etc.

  • Decide how the winners will be chosen: Will you use a random generator to pick someone at random, will you read through the comments and see which one speaks to you, etc.

  • Provide all of this information in a clear and concise way in your post and ensure that everyone knows how to enter, what they might win, how the winner will be chosen, and when the deadline is. 

And of course, be true to the promises you’ve made and be sure to provide the winner with all that you promised. 


Reach Out To Influencers

instagram networking groups


If you want to learn how to gain more Instagram followers, try learning from the best. Instagram is the platform that gave birth to the rise of an era of social media influencers. This gives you plenty of opportunities to learn some skills from those who have done the work to build massive platforms for themselves and their content.

It can maybe feel a little daunting getting in touch with some of these influencers with so many followers, but there are some ways to make genuine connections with them.

The first is by finding the influencers that operate in the same content circles or niche as you. Then if you have content you feel is worthy of their notice and that exists in their niche, try tagging them. They might love what you shared and feel like resharing it themselves. 


You will also want to build a relationship with this person by engaging with their content through commenting on their posts, responding to their stories, and sharing their posts. Be genuine in your efforts and do not do these things just for a chance at building a platform.

A way to also give as much as you intend to receive is to offer to do collaborations with other influencers. A collaboration will offer an opportunity for both of you to build your audience, share content and ideas with one another, and to create a shared space online. 


Tag Relevant Accounts

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Instagram has many pages dedicated to the resharing of content related to specific themes. For example, if your content focuses on books, there are many pages that will repost and reshare content related to that topic.

By adding the right hashtag or by tagging these accounts, you not only may have the chance to see your content resposted on their page and therefore have the potential of all of their followers seeing your content,  but they also gain content for their account by doing this. 


Tag Your Location (And Get Specific)

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Instagram has the great option to tag a location in your posts. Like the use of a hashtag, this allows people to easily find content that is tagged with the location of your choice.

This puts your content in a smaller pool of posts, so those with specific interests can find it with ease. This is especially great if you are a travel influencer or if you have a business that could use more foot traffic. 

Engage With Your Community

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As implied in many of these tips, being a member of the online community and doing the work to contribute to that community is a big part of making it big on a platform like Instagram. This means that just as you want to build your platform, many others are wishing for the same.

By following others and liking, commenting on, and sharing their content, you are more likely to create a genuine sense of community and a loyal following for your account. 

Participate In Trends

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If you are hoping to have your content go viral, one of the best ways to manage this is to follow and participate in trends. By staying up to date with what is popular on Instagram, you can tailor your content to fit the current trends.

Whether it’s a specific “POV” skit, an audio to add to your videos, an Instagram takeover with another content creator, or participating in a “challenge” that is popular at the time, if you want to know
how to get more followers on Instagram, checking in on what is going viral is one of the best ways to do this. 

Purchase Instagram Services

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Instagram is known for having one of the most difficult algorithms to navigate. It is often updated, and as new features are added to the app, there are always more facets of building engagement to keep up with.

This is why buying Instagram followers and other services for the app has become more popular recently. When you purchase services like Instagram followers or post likes, you are not just buying numbers.

Instagram pushes accounts with large followings in the algorithm, meaning if you have more followers you may be more likely to gain visibility on certain posts. There is also the fact that many people are more likely to follow an account that has the legitimacy of many followers, as it reflects an engaged following.

If gaining reach for your content and building an account with more followers is your goal, buying some services for your Instagram account is a good way to bolster your chances of having a successful account. 

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